[NanoDLP] What is the Erode and Dilate?


They reduce or expand the volume of an object by scaling the coordinates.

なぜ Erode and Dilate を使うのか?

Why use Erode and Dilate?


Sometimes when printing without a raft, you may notice about the elephant’s foot, which means the first layer is slightly larger than the rest due to higher cure time.

精密なオブジェクトを印刷する場合、樹脂が固まった後の収縮など、樹脂の特性により大きな問題となる可能性があります。 Erode and Dilate を使用すると、問題を解決できます。

While printing objects for practical applications, it can pose a large problem due to physical properties of resin such as shrinkage after it becomes solid. By using Erode and Dilate, you can resolve the issue.


Keep in mind the positive value represents the Dilate Areas and Erode Areas is defined by negative value.